Hearing care for you and those you love

Experience the beauty and sounds of everyday life with SmartStep Hearing.  SmartStep Hearing offers the same services and testing procedures of a conventional office, but in your home.

Contact us today and schedule a free hearing consultation in your home for you or your loved one. We recommend hearing screenings for everyone annually. 


Serving the greater Portland Tri-County area

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SmartStep offers all the same services and testing procedures of a conventional office, with the added convenience of in-home access. That means greater patient privacy and more immediate access to care. Patients benefit from having the flexibility of evening and weekend appointments and avoid the challenges of coordinating transportation.

Choice and Value


At SmartStep, we carry nearly all makes and models of hearing aids and accessories. Our patients benefit from greater choice for their individual needs, lifestyles, and budgets. With SmartStep, you have our commitment to finding affordable hearing solutions, no matter your financial situation.

Service and support when and where you need it


SmartStep specializes in in-home and on-site hearing evaluations. No uncomfortable labs or confusing office visits! 

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At SmartStep, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity for better hearing.

Trials & Warranty Support

  • 60-day trial period

  • 100% money-back guarantee

  • Personalized care & service plan

  • 3-year comprehensive warranty coverage

  • 3-year loss and damage protection on all new hearing instruments


The products you trust, the personal service you count on.


Your Hearing Companion

In your first appointment, we’ll discuss the impact of hearing loss in your life. Having someone you can trust join you in the session makes the experience more comfortable.

Who do you count on for support? We’ll use their voice as we refine your hearing solution.

The Services of SmartStep

  • Hearing Tests

  • Hearing Aid Repair & Service

  • Hearing Aid Programming

  • Batteries & Supplies

  • New & Refurbished Hearing Aids

  • Tinnitus Treatment

  • Wireless solutions to Connect to Your TV and Phone

  • Hearing Service You Can Count On!

Existing Hearing Aid Wearers

SmartStep can provide care and service for existing hearing aid wearers.

  • Validate programming of existing hearing aids with a SmartStep Device Audit

  • Retest your hearing

  • Clean and check your devices

  • Reprogram devices for hearing potential

  • Modify devices for fit and comfort