About SmartStep Hearing

The SmartStep Commitment

SmartStep Hearing helps improve communication between husbands and wives, friends and families, parents and children, and grandparents and grandchildren. SmartStep Hearing is unique, designed around delivering home-based hearing healthcare services to people throughout the tri-county area. At SmartStep Hearing, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity for better hearing.

More Convenience

Direct service allows greater patient access, privacy, and convenience. Patients benefit from having the flexibility of evening and weekend appointments and they avoid the challenges of coordinating transportation.

More Choice

More choice means better solutions. At SmartStep Hearing, we carry nearly all makes and models of hearing aids and accessories, assistive listening devices, and hearing protection on the market today. Unlike large retailers, locked to distributing for only one particular manufacturer, SmartStep patients benefit from more choices specific to their individual needs, lifestyles, and budgets.

More Affordable

SmartStep Hearing makes better hearing a more affordable option. At a time when nearly 30% of all people on the market for hearing aids say they can’t afford them, (MarketTrak8, Better Hearing Institute), SmartStep offers amplification solutions below market price and no-interest payment plans. It is our commitment to help find affordable amplification solutions for anyone no matter their financial situation.

Better Technology, Better Service

SmartStep Hearing utilizes state of the art calibrated audiometric testing equipment and RealEar verification. Physical and acoustical comfort along with maximum hearing benefit are key. That’s why our mobile testing service is so important to our clients: we’re testing in our patient’s homes, where they spend the most time and count on the clearest hearing support.

All Smart Step Hearing Patients receive a 60-day, no-obligation trial period when considering hearing instruments. We offer post-fitting rehabilitation programs and provide free support for life for our patients. New patients can expect a minimum of 4 scheduled fitting and follow-up calls within the first 60-days of wearing new hearing instruments alone.

Insurance Protection

SmartStep Hearing maintains $2 million (per occurrence) and $4 million (aggregate) in professional liability insurance.