Famous people with hearing loss

Did you know that Thomas Edison had impaired hearing?  He didn’t need perfect hearing to invent the light bulb!  There are many famous people who wear hearing aids but we don’t often know that they do.

Hearing aids are not commonly worn by characters on tv shows or films even when other physical challenges are being showcased.  Brian Kerwin is an actor who has performed in films such as The Help and 27 Dresses and in tv series such as Desperate Housewives.  He wears a hearing aid.  Most of the time he removes the aid for filming but recently wore it for a part in a tv series called Blue Bloods.  Find out more about his life with hearing aids by clicking here.

There are many other famous individuals who wear hearing aids, they include past President Bill Clinton, musician Huey Lewis, and golfer Arnold Palmer.  These famous people are taking care of their hearing needs, make sure you do too!