Over the counter hearing aids

Maybe you have heard that over the counter hearing aids are coming. You heard right… they are coming. Legally, they will likely start being sold in 2020 or later. There is still a process to go through. At SmartStep Hearing we are glad there will be more options for consumers. Over the counter hearing aids won’t help everyone with hearing loss and will likely be best for those with mild to moderate loss that want to find out what having a hearing device is like. I understand that. I bought reading glasses at The Dollar Store for the first year that I needed reading glasses. They weren’t great. You definitely got what you paid for. However, they got me used to having glasses. After about a year, I knew I needed something better and made just for me. I believe over the counter hearing aids will be the same. It will help people get used to having a hearing device but it won’t be the latest and greatest technology. When you are ready for that, SmartStep will always be here. We want you to have the best options that fit in your budget, lifestyle and hearing loss needs. We are here for you.