Smoking and Hearing Loss

We all know smoking impacts health.  If you are a smoker you’ve been told about the many negative health impacts.  However, we don’t always hear about the impacts that may not be life threatening but do severely impact quality of life.  One of those is the link between smoking and hearing loss.

Research has showed that  hearing loss in current smokers increased from 26% for those age 48-59 years, to 56%  for those in their 60’s and 71% for those in their 70’s.  If you smoke, your chances of hearing loss as you age increases dramatically.

Although age in itself may results in a decline in hearing over time, smoking further increases your risk for hearing loss. If you are already monitoring your blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, body mass index, or other health factors in order to make healthy lifestyle decisions you should include smoking and exposure to smoke among items to monitor. 

If you are a smoker today, or know a smoker, here is one more reason to quit.  To learn more click here to review an article from Audiology Online.