Hearing Loops coming to US

From Voice of America this morning:

Hearing loops are common throughout Western Europe, especially Britain and Scandinavia, where they provide clearer sound in theaters, churches and at ticket windows. Loops have also been installed at the Brisbane Australia airport, and in Hong Kong’s Disneyland.

Since returning from Scotland in 1999, Myers has been on a mission to introduce loops across the United States. The area where he lives in Michigan now has hundreds - from senior centers to the Grand Rapids airport. Other states, including Arizona, Wisconsin and Florida, have also installed hearing loops at public spaces in their communities.

This is fascinating technology—if you follow the link, you'll find a series of audio files that demonstrate the technology. Hearing assistive technology in public spaces typically require infrared communication technology. With hearing loops, simply ensuring that your device is equipped with the technology can, at the flip of a switch, significantly reduce background noise with ease.

Look for more news on Hearing Loop enabled assistive devices coming soon! You can learn more about Hearing Loops here.