The Right Time

Have you ever nodded understanding when you had no idea what the other person just said?  Have you found yourself in a crowded room unable to join in because you couldn’t follow the conversation?  At some point in the progression of hearing loss most people begin to realize they are no longer hearing the way they used to.  However, in many cases hearing loss is a slow progression so knowing when the right time is to seek help can be a difficult decision.  It is a big step to first admit your hearing is impaired and then feel the loss is impacting your life enough to let go of vanity and make a significant investment in your hearing health.

Hearing loss can impact many aspects of your life.  If you are no longer participating in social events or feeling disconnected from your partner or family then it may time to look at options.  If you are wondering whether the time is now, check out the article “Should I get a hearing aid?” at

Remember it never hurts to consult a professional.  Many individuals have their hearing tested on more than one occasion before deciding to make a purchase. In fact having regular hearing tests can help you track the progression of your hearing loss.  Evaluate how hearing loss is impacting your life and then decide if the right time is now.