Noised induced hearing loss

Noise induced hearing loss  (NIHL) is caused by exposure to loud sounds.  We typically relate this type of loss to those who work in an environment where there are loud noises.  A career in aviation or in a restaurant where loud music is played every evening is seen as a precursor to NIHL.  However, this loss may occur from one exposure to an extremely loud noise. Research suggests the NIHL is occurring at younger ages and with more frequency.  Given that we’ve just celebrated our country’s independence on the 4th of July it’s a good time to remember some basic preventative tips.

  • Avoid and limit periods of exposure to noise.
  • Wear hearing protectors: earplugs and/or earmuffs.
  • Buy quiet! Don't buy noisy appliances, equipment, or toys.

An estimated thirty million people nationwide are exposed to dangerous levels of noise each day. Protect yourself every day, not just when watching a fireworks display.  To learn more read this article.