Giving  back to your community by volunteering may seem like a purely altruistic activity.  However, we now know that for seniors volunteering can have very real medical benefits. A study headed by UCLA geriatrician Catherine Sarkisian, M.D., M.S.P.H., found that seniors who participated in volunteer work were significantly less likely to become frail than those who didn’t.  Sarkisian says, “For reasons that we’re just beginning to understand, there does seem to be a physical benefit to getting outside yourself and helping others.”

If a senior has difficulty hearing then s/he may be less comfortable volunteering.  Many volunteer opportunities take place in loud or chaotic areas such as soup kitchens, senior centers, schools or even helping out outdoors with street noise, etc.  In order to ensure a senior can volunteer and therefore not only give back to their community but also enjoy the health benefits of volunteering, having their hearing checked regularly is important.

Hearing aids can ensure that seniors are able to take care of others as well as they are taking care of themselves.


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