In addition to best-in-class care for your residents, a partnership with SmartStep Hearing means complementary hearing information and education sessions for you and your community.

Educational seminars from SmartStep Hearing is hearing education you can trust

  • SmartStep Hearing is a long-trusted partner of residential facilites throughout our community for hearing education
  • Fun and interactive delivery engages audiences in hearing health

SmartStep Hearing Educational Seminars are targeted to a wide range of hearing needs

  • Each turnkey seminar is designed to compliment your existing education program
  • From classroom-style seminars, to participation on-site health fairs, to hearing loss support groups, SmartStep Hearing offers an education solution to support your residents

Educational Seminars provide a powerful marketing opportunity for your facility

  • Topics are targeted to residents, familes, and your local community, a showcase of your dedication to resident care
  • Scheduled monthly up to a year in advance, Educational Seminars offer predictable editorial and advertising opportunities

Educational Seminars: Logistics & Preparation

SmartStep Hearing can accommodate a wide range of locations, depending on your event. Presentations are 45 minutes to one hour, lecture-style with projector screen. SmartStep will provide a projector, including any hearing aids, batteries, and cleaning supplies required for demonstration and hands-on training. Each SmartStep Educational Seminar can be offered in multiple sessions for facility coverage.

SmartStep Hearing does not market or sell anything in educational seminars. We do recommend hearing tests as a regular component of hearing health and will provide a list of interested attendees after each session.

Community Education Seminar Topics

  • Understanding Hearing Loss
  • Hearing Loss & the Value of the Hearing Test
  • Communication Strategies for the Holidays
  • How to Better Hear on the Phone & TV
  • Ringing in your Ears? Tinnitus Therapy and Treatment Options
  • Hearing Loss and Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Dimensia & Alzheimer’s
  • Hearing Aid Technology
  • Care & Service of Your Hearing Aids