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Darin Scheurer

Darin graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelor’s degree in International Studies in 1993.  His father is an Audiologist of almost 50 years, owner of his own all-make hearing aid repair lab and hearing aid retail clinic, and partner with the Lions organization. His wife, a speech-language pathologist of 16 years. His family’s combined experience makes them a unique resource for the hearing impaired community. 

“Darin Scheurer started SmartStep Hearing because he knew there was a better way to meet individual hearing needs.”

In 2008, Darin took a position as regional manager for a national chain of hearing aid retail clinics. While the experience with assistive devices was comprehensive in this role, he recognized a need that was not being filled. 

Big offices and complex health plans were obstacles to those with some of the most critical hearing and communication needs. 

Darin’s experience in the hearing industry, and his deep understanding of assistive hearing products, led him to a path of personal assistance with custom hearing solutions for those who need it, wherever they are. 

Darin obtained his Oregon license as a Hearing Aid Specialist May of 2009, and in May of 2010, he made the decision to launch SmartStep Hearing.  In 2017, he brought an additional, experienced, hearing health professional onto his team to help with the demand for in home services.

With no overhead of an office or large staff, SmartSteph Hearing is able to offer competitive prices on the very latest hearing products.  SmartStep Hearing strives to improve the communication between husbands and wives, friends and neighbors, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren as a partner in hearing health.