Hearing Aid Services

In addition to best-in-class care for your residents, a partnership with SmartStep Hearing means complementary comprehensive hearing aid care and service on-site, on a schedule that fits the unique needs of your residents.

Hearing Aid service from SmartStep hearing backed by decades of experience in hearing care

  • Darin Scheurer is a licensed hearing aid specialist continuing a family tradition of audiology and hearing care of nearly 70 years
  • Practical and gentle approach to teaching and patient care

Hearing Aid service from SmartStep comes with regular comprehensive testing for your residents

  • On-site, no-cost hearing testing for your residents ensures greater adoption of hearing devices for those who need it most
  • Optional comprehensive aural rehabilitation can better ensure your residents are getting the most from their investment in hearing health

Wide range of hearing aid technology with an careful eye on the care your residents need today

  • Special attention to pairing the right device to each patient’s custom hearing needs
  • Broad choice of basic hearing devices through advanced technology including wireless connectivity to cell phones, TVs, and remote controls, and more

Comprehensive Device Care Services

At SmartStep Hearing, we value convenience, choice, and trust. That’s why we’re committed to our on-site hearing aid device services for your residents. Through our regular service sessions, we’ll help your residents uncover faulty devices, warranty repairs, and battery care that will help them to be a greater part of your community through better hearing.

We offer a wide selection of devices as your residents’ hearing needs change. The SmartStep personalized care and serivce plan extends to all new devices purchased through SmartStep Hearing, including 3-years comprehensive warranty coverage and 3-years loss and damage protection on new hearing instruments.

  • Comprehensive no-cost hearing screeneings at your facility
  • Regularly scheduled monthly service days to clean and check devices
  • Fitting verification services
  • Reprogramming of devices
  • Personalized care and service
  • Batteries and accessories
  • Repairs, Loss & Damage Claims, Warranty Claims Support
  • New & Refurbished Hearing Instrument Sales & Service